Friday, 23 November 2012

Bookend Kitties Finished!

Sorry for the break in posts I've been on holiday in Cuba.  We had a fab time and i'm hoping to do a dedicated post in the future, kinda my assessment of the island!

So after all the turmoil and perseverance and lets not forget all that confetti in those books - he's finished!

It took exactly 180 hours on 18 count magic guide.

Now what's next I hear you ask!  Well the 2013 HAED SAL has been announced and I've decided to do Heather:

I've sort of fallen in love with Hannah Lynn this year and so although I didn't want to do another SAL, I really couldn't resist!

In the short term though there's not going to be any stitching since i have about 100 Christmas cards to make in 3 weeks! Eeek!  Given that some of them were ordered 2 months ago, I better get on with it.

Oh but first... On Sunday I'm going to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate!  I can't wait and this little finish will allow me to make an extra little purchase I think - it's only fair right!?

Happy Stitching! xx