Saturday, 26 March 2016

Stitching marathon!

Hello all, hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend. I certainly am. I've been on a stitching marathon since I last posted and continuing to enjoy my rotation. 

Here's my first out the bag - Playtime Kitten:

I so love this design, she's so cute! I started the back stitch since that's what brings her to life. I really need a name, suggestions welcome!

Next was Beverley's Owl and I had a page finish!

I then moved to pg 2 to start the outline. It's a much smaller page so should stitch up nicely. 

Then the final name out of the bag was this little chap Frederick the Literate but I like to call him Fred!

I like I can see his head now and will probably do some back stitch next time to add some detail. I don't like leaving it til the end!

So the bag was empty, so needed swapping so had all designs to choose from this time. Hubby picked out Love Spring which is so apt I thought. 

As you can see, I finished pages 3 and 4! I love this design and should be finished this year. 

Hubby has picked Ladybug Love from the bag, but not much to show just yet so will wait til the 10 hours are over first. 

Now confession time, I know I said no new starts or purchases, but my current stash has been calling me!  This design is called Paris and I bought it just before Christmas. 

Since we're going to France in a couple of months, I think it would create a lovely memory.   Hubby who dislikes me having new starts actually likes it and has agreed it can be put in the bag to be started when it gets picked out.

Sk that takes my WIPs up to 14, but I'm not sad, far from it, this is something completely different to my usual designs, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

March Updates

Hello all!

I hope Spring has started wherever you are, although officially it's not til 23rd March. 

Got some lovely pictures of designs developing nicely to show you. 

As I mentioned last time, I did 10 hours on Ladybug Love which has a lot of confetti in it, but there's quite a bit of progress nonetheless. 

Next was Lakeside Village which I really love, the colours are so vibrant and I've got a boat now!

And lastly, I did a small amount of SnowyFriends. Ten hours does not allow much progress on such a detailed design, but when I reduce the number of WIPs I have, they'll rotate faster. 

As I said before, I want to reduce my WIPs from 13 to single figures so the next new start shall not be until I get to 9 or even 8 WIPs. So that's 4 or even 5 finishes to do! Possibly not this year, but we shall see!

HappyStitching! Xx