Sunday, 17 January 2016

January Updates!

Hello all,

I hope you're having a fab New Year! I've already done 3 10 hour rotations so thought I'd share some updates. 

Firstly is my new start A Day in Life of Hello Kitty. Big blocks of colours which is very relaxing after all my detailed designs. 

I got these scissors and scissors keep for Christmas from a dear friend. 

Next I got QS Frogs Kissing by HAED. I finished Frog 2's head which was a nightmare, but looks pretty good. 

Next out was Love Spring which I was so pleased about. I don't particularly like the metallic thread, but I've finished page 1...

And almost page 3!

I decided to go straight down as the bottom pages are quite small. 

I've got Beverley's Owl out next which I'm not pleased about, but should finish page 1 this time around. 

Happy Stitching! xxx

Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Goals and Ambitions!

Happy New Year All!

Hope you had a lovely evening last night and have some wonderful dreams for 2016.

Before I share with you my goals for 2016, I thought I'd show you my Ort (Old Raggerty Threads) Jar for 2015.

Full Really Useful Box: 

Threads free range!:

Mainly boring colours, so I'm hoping to change that this year with a variety of colours throughout the year!

Now onto 2016.  I plan on sticking to my 10 hour rotation, with the 10 hours relaxed a little if I'm nearing a page or completed finish within a few hours (even if my husband doesn't approve of this variation)!

I hope to do 500 hours stitching (50 rotations) and hope to achieve the following:

  1. Millennium Sampler - Finish 4 squares
  2. Snowy Friends - Finish Page 2
  3. Beacon Ridge - Finish Page 2
  4. Ladybug Love - Page 1
  5. Lakeside Village - Finish Page 2
  6. Greek Steps - Complete whole design (pages 1 and 2)
  7. Frederick the Literate - Finish Page 1
  8. Frogs Kissing - Finish Page 2, but will push to complete!
  9. Playtime Kitten - Complete
  10. Sammy Squirrel - Start and Finish page 3
  11. Beverley's Owl - Finish Pages 1 & 2
  12. Love Spring - Complete all full stitches and hoping to make real progress or even finish the back stitch!
  13. My final goal is my New Year's New Start which I'll start today!
A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty

My target is to finish it since it's a small design and loads of blocks of colours (mainly pink)!!! 

So 13 goals, 13 WIPs - I don't see it as bad luck, just a baker's dozen!

My other non stitchy goals are to:
  • read at least 20 books
  • bake more often and use my British Bake Off Books!

Thank you for continuing to read my blog into 2016.

Happy Stitching New Year! xxx