Sunday, 29 March 2015

Samantha Finished!!!

Morning all!

I've had an excellent week and in addition to passing an exam I thought I'd failed and being invited to an interview, I've finally finished Samantha!!

Boring stuff first - Design by Lanarte, stitched on 28 Count peach Evenweave, mainly 2 over 2, background 1 over 2 and a tiny bit of backstitch on the nose and mouth.  It's taken me 9 years, 11 months whilst doing many other projects and approximately 200 hours.  i don't know for sure as I wasn't recording this before 2009.

So here she is:

I'm going to take her to the framers this week and hang her in time for my Nanna's memory since she thought me to stitch and I used some of the inheritance to buy this kit.  I thought it was apt given the name of the design and the fact I'd fallen in love with it when I saw an advert for it in the World of Cross Stitch.  She passed away 10 years ago on April 15th, so I'll mark it then by hanging this gorgous picture.

Husband is on form though asking what I'll finish next!!! I'm going to be working on Frogs Kissing today, but then this week when I've got all the threads together for the Kitten Playing, I'll be doing that on the evenings as I need good light for the HAEDs.  I'm on holiday for almost 2 weeks from Friday so I'm hoping to get lots of stitching time in then and I'll also have time to post an update of the Froggies and the Kitten!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monthly update

Well it's March - how fast is this year going? My new start Frogs Kissing is going really slowly. I hate stitching light colours but hoping with lighter days and evenings it will get easier. So here's the first 2 columns finished. 

My fabric for Sweet Shoppe has come (second valentines present) but the size of it is so daunting I feel I need to make real progress on my other BAPs. 

So when I saw this gorgeous kitty in the World of CrossStitching magazine I couldn't resist!

I've decided to do her on dyed fabric which I've never used before instead of boring white! It will take a while to get here but will allow me to finishSamantha.

Shes had more progress on but no pictures for now so you'll just have to be patient! 

Happy Stitching!