Saturday, 5 March 2016

March Updates

Hello all!

I hope Spring has started wherever you are, although officially it's not til 23rd March. 

Got some lovely pictures of designs developing nicely to show you. 

As I mentioned last time, I did 10 hours on Ladybug Love which has a lot of confetti in it, but there's quite a bit of progress nonetheless. 

Next was Lakeside Village which I really love, the colours are so vibrant and I've got a boat now!

And lastly, I did a small amount of SnowyFriends. Ten hours does not allow much progress on such a detailed design, but when I reduce the number of WIPs I have, they'll rotate faster. 

As I said before, I want to reduce my WIPs from 13 to single figures so the next new start shall not be until I get to 9 or even 8 WIPs. So that's 4 or even 5 finishes to do! Possibly not this year, but we shall see!

HappyStitching! Xx 


  1. I didn't realise you had so many WIPs. You've made some great progress and lakeside village has such pretty colours.

  2. Beautiful progress I adore snowy friends :)

  3. Great progress and good goals to aim for. New starts are fun, but finishes are even better! :)