Saturday, 6 February 2016

February update!

Hello all,

I've continued to make good progress on a few designs despite work, my cards and my course that I'm doing. 

Last time I told you Owl came out and wasn't happy, however, once I started it again I got into it and really enjoyed it! 

As you can see page 1 is nearly finished and will be during the next 10 hours!

Next was the return of Day in the Life of Hello Kitty which is stitching up very quickly. I like the break of s detailed design then these blocks of colours. 

I then returned to Millenium Sampler and finished the next block with a Spitfire in it. 

I also started the next block's border:

I'm currently working on Ladybug Love which is confetti hell, but I'm hoping to make some noticeable progress next picture. 

Happy Stitching! Xxx