Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Stitchy Goals

Happy New Year all!

As promised, I've had a good think at what my goals should be for this year stitchy wise.

I know I'll be over ambitious and that's fine as on the whole I'll stick to my current rotation which is to stitch whatever is shouting the loudest!  There are a couple of priorities so I'll start with those first:

1.  QS Frogs Kissing - Start and Finish New Start!

This is my Heaven and Earth BB SAL, they didn't do one last year so I'm excited that it's back! There's 6 pages to be do and hoping to have it complete by the autumn.

2.  Samantha - Finish by end of March

I've mentioned this before, but this design s so precious to me since it was bought with my Nanna's inheritance and she passed on 10 years ago in April so I'd like it to be framed and hung on the 15th April.

  • Now onto the not such priorities, as they are current WIPs, you know what they look like!

3.  Snowy Friends - Finish Page 2

Shouldn't be too difficult as I'm about half way through that page.

4.  Beacon Ridge - Finish Page 2

Just started this page, but it's all background and blocks of colour so should stitch up quickly.  May do more as can't wait to get to the top of the lighthouse!

5.  Lady Bug Love - Finish Page 1

I've sort of fallen out of love with this one, but I think she still deserves some attention!

6.  Lakeside Village - Finish half way

I think this is possible since it's my comfort design when the HAEDs have got to me!

7. Frederick the Literate - 20 hours complete

I can't pretend that this one will get much attention, so have attached an hour figure rather than an amount.  Maybe it'll grip me and I'll end up doing a lot more!

  • Now onto the possibles!

8.  Greek Steps - Finish Page 1

I think this could be done if I'm in the mood.  It's definitely a sunny weather design, so we'll see if we get some nice sunny stitching days this year!

9.  Sweet Shoppe - New Start!

This I got as a reward for helping HAED sort out their data for the new website and I'm head over heels for it.  I really would like to start it, but no targets as such as a reward for finishing Samantha.  Isn't it gorgeous?

10. Loneliness of Autumn - New Start!

I showed you that I'd bought this one in 2014 and have not got all the threads I need and again would like to start it, possibly after Frogs Kissing is done.

The idea is to keep the number of WIPs down and just enjoy the stitching!

It's not stitching related, but I also want to read for at least half an hour every day since I now have over 40 unread books on my book shelf and I want to enjoy all of these that I've coveted for so long!

I'll post updates as often as possible, but at least once a month so that's my other resolution.

Happy Stitching xxx


  1. Good luck with all your projects! You have great goals =D I do hope you succeed.

  2. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals!

  3. Happy New Year! Best of luck with your goals. They sound very do-able! :D

  4. Happy new year and I hope you amde a good start so far =) I hope this year will bring you lots of joy and stitching time =)
    I am very excited about your new starts, the sweet shoppe and Loneliness of Autumn are two amazing designs =) I got all the Afremov charts and I totally love his painting style =)

  5. They are amazing charts Sam, Good luck for 2015 and Happy New Year!

  6. Sounds like you have great plans for 2015, enjoy!