Sunday, 30 August 2015

My update at long last!!!

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I have been stitching...a lot!

Since I last posted, I have reinstated my 10 hour rotation, but with Frogs Kissing alternating in-between random selections (hubby picks a name out of a hat and then that one goes into another bag so I don't have any duplications).

Firstly, here's my update of Frogs Kissing, I've finished the first 2 columns of pages and 5 and have started columns 3 and 4, but you'll have to wait for more pictures! I love the fact that left frog is very nearly finished and I'm almost half way through the pattern - a finish for the year is still on!

My first 10 hour rotation was Playtime Kitten, it's on hand dyed fabric, but the bright sunshine when I took the photo bleached out the colours in the picture.  I'm hoping to make a lot more progress the next time this one comes around.

Then it was the turn of Greek Steps, I've made quite a bit of progress, 10 hours really does mean a lot of work on these smaller designs! Page 1 out of 2 is set for a finish in 2015 I hope!

Then came along Lakeside Village!  I really love stitching this one and actually managed to finish page 1 out of 4.  I think because this was a yearly goal, I may take it out of my selections, but I've not decided yet.

Oh and I also had a New Start! I'm a big fan of the British Bake Off and to celebrate it's return, I started Strawberry Ice Bookmark by Michael Powell.  I will dedicate every Wednesday during the series.

This is what it is meant to look like when finished:

Strawberry Ice Bookmark

And this is what mine looks like at the minute:

Really slow progress because I'm too focused on the delicious bakes!  It's a little off centre, but because it's for me, I don't mind all that much - the quirkier the better!

And finally, there was a UFO that I didn't talk about because I could envisage me stitching on it for a while.  Anyhow, I got it back in 1999 and had planned to stitch it for my Mum and Dad.  My Mum has recently had it tough after her major car crash recovery, but has also just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The prognosis is really good, but she's in a bad place and I thought about this design, so much so that I had a vivid dream about it.  

The design I'm talking about is Millenium Sampler.  I had finished roughly half the last time I put it down and that is so long ago, I can't remember when that was.  It got picked out at the last draw, so 10 hours here I come!  This is what it's meant to look like:

Millenium Sampler

Here's where it was last time:

Last night I nearly finished the Battle of Hastings square (top right) but the back stitch bit me on the bum and frog will visit today!  I've decided to leave the gold metallic thread until everything is done and washed.

Phew, a lot of updates! 

I'll post at least once in September to make up for all this!

Happy Stitching!