Thursday, 29 October 2015

October update and a FINISH!

Hello all!

Sorry it's been another month since my last post. I've evidently been busy stitching and I went on holiday to North Northumberland this month. 

As I mentioned last month, my next 10 hour rotation choice was Beacon Ridge so here's what it looks like now:

Nearly page 2 complete and can't wait til I get to the top of the lighthouse. 

Now I promised you a finish - Strawberry Ice by Michael Powell was my British Bake Off piece and I've had so much fun with it! 

Not sure if I'll make it into a bookmark, but we shall see. 

Next up for my rotation was Ladybug Love and again felt I made good progress. Still a way of a page finish, but enjoying it all the same. 

Whilst on holiday, I did 10 hours on Frederick the Literate where loads of progress was made and you Camsey the cat's ears now!

I then returned to Beverley's Owl by Gecko Rouge as part of their SAL. 

At first I was struggling with the confetti, but the more that's done, the easier it gets. I will probably move onto something else on Sunday, but I will put this back in the bag as part of the SAL. 

I'm really enjoying the variety of my WIPs and seeing progress in many of them so the rotation is here to stay. 

Happy Stitching xxx