Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 Cross Stitch Goals

Well, as you know, I've got quite a few WIPs (15) and I think that may have had something to do with my lack of stitching mo-jo in 2017 and that I was just a bit daunted by the choice I had.

So although I want to stitch on a few different designs this year, I am going to pick just 6 initially - some finishes, some other WIPs and dare I say it, a couple of new starts!

My goals for current WIPs are:

  1. Bands of Variation SAL(BOV) - Finish

      2. Safari Friends - Finish

      3. Playtime Kitten - progress, finish page 1 and maybe finish completely?!

      4. Love Spring - finish all cross stitches and start back stitches


Now on to my new starts!

      5. Mini Think Pink - Finish page 1

You may remember that I started the full size version of Think Pink and restarted it a few years ago, but never really counted it as a WIP since I had hardly done anything.  My Stitchy friend knew how much I loved the design and saw the mini version so she bought it for my birthday!

This will be my new year, new start, stitching 2 over 1, tent stitch on 25 count magic guide.

        6. Christmas at Home (Lakeside SAL 2017)

Although this was a SAL, I didn't buy it when the SAL was happening, but fell in love with it whilst others were posting their updates.  This picture isn't the best quality, I'll try and get a better one and post later.

Image result for christmas at home lakeside

I will only start this once two of the above are complete.


Yes I'm starting a rotation again.  Since I don't get as much time to stitch nowadays I've 'borrowed' an idea I saw on flosstube. I'm allocating specific weeks/days of a month to a particular design.

Wednesdays will be BOV since that's my stitching club day.  The first 2 weeks of the month apart from Wednesdays will be Mini Think Pink. The last week of the month will be Safari Friends and the 2nd to last week of the month will alternate between Love Spring and Playtime Kitten.  For longer months, the spare 2/3 days will allow the finish of a column or page of Think Pink, or have a little stitching on the design I won't be stitching that month.

Confusing I know!


4th - 17th Think Pink
18th - 24th Playtime Kitten
25th - 31st Safari Friends

So excited about my stitching this year and will update here every month and may even start a Flosstube channel on YouTube!

Happy Stitching x

2018 Review - My Stitchy Bug is Back!

Hello there! Remember me???

So sorry for taking so long on adding a new blog entry – it’s been a crazy couple of years that’s for sure!

I last left you saying I Wanted to finish my Safari Friends sampler, unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I have made some progress this year.

Honestly, I really struggled to get into any stitching in 2017 until a friend of mine pointed out a band sampler SAL (Stitch-along) and said that it could really spark my stitchy bug again.  I agreed to join it and started the Bands of Variation SAL by Lakeside Needleworks on 1 October.  It was a 12 piece monthly SAL.

Although I didn’t get off to a good start, I joined a stitching group in April 2018 and having that quiet grown up time to just stitch, chat and drink tea was a revelation for me! The ladies are all lovely, and I’ve enjoyed meeting like minded people in ‘real life’.

Anyway, here’s a few WIP pictures and my end point in December 2018 (part 10 of 12):

As I mentioned previously, I did manage to make a little progress on the Safari Sampler, almost finishing page 2.  This one will get much more love in 2019:

So I did succeed in one aim - no new starts in 2018! Might have to make up for that in 2019...

I’ve got some exciting plans for 2019 now my stitchy bug is eager to go now, so look out for my other entry with my goals for the new year.

Happy Stitching x

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Belated 2016 review and plans for 2017!

Hello all,

Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog! Last year was a crazy year for my husband and I, culminating in the birth of our brilliant beautiful baby boy!

My stitching has suffered however and I have only managed half an hour stitching since he was born in November! The good news is that he's got into a bit of routine now and I can focus on some of my other passions. For now, here's a review of what I did manage in 2016!

At the beginning of last year, I'd no idea I'd get pregnant, so was very ambitious, but realistic with my stitching aims. However, I struggled with some symptoms of the pregnancy, mainly tiredness, so had to look after myself (and my baby!)

So below I'll list my aims, the reality and whether I completed my goal!

Millennium Sampler - Finish 4 squares - only completed 1!
For some reason I can't find a before picture, but below is an after picture.  Not that much progress, but I'm happy to see any on this one after it sat as a UFO for over a decade!


Snowy Friends - Finish Page 2 - INCOMPLETE

Although not completed the page, I nearly have completed page two and love how this one is stitching up. I'm hoping to get some time with this during the year.



Beacon Ridge - Finish Page 2 - IINCOMPLETE

Again, not finished the page, but the closer I get to the lighthouse, the more I'm enjoying it. I think the more I get dobe, the more the colours will blend. 



Ladybug Love - Page 1 -INCOMPLETE

OK, I didn't get the page finish, however, I've really enjoyed stitching this one this year. I love how the outline is coming along and makes the pinks pop! 



Lakeside Village - Finish Page 1 & 2 - Page 1 only complete

Again, not as much as I wanted to get done, however, there's a lot of detail there and I love the colours and texture in this design. 



Greek Steps - Complete whole design (pages 1 and 2) - just 1 page complete

I'm pleased I completed page 1 and think it's stitching up nicely. Since page 2 is smaller,albeit with lots of confetti, I think it will not take too long to finish. Maybe not this year though!



Frederick the Literate - Finish Page 1 - INCOMPLETE
Again, I just fell short of a page finish, but it's nice to see some progress on Fred though. I'd like to do more on him this year. 



Frogs Kissing - Finish Page 2, but will push to complete! - INCOMPLETE

OK I didn't finish page 2 &5, but i did complete right frog's face. i think they'll look great in my son's safari themed nursery though so will get some hours in with them this year. 



Playtime Kitten - Complete - INCOMPLETE

I so love this design and the hand dyed fabric makes it even better! One for my craft room when I finish her!



Sammy Squirrel - Start and Finish page 3 - INCOMPLETE

I'm disappointed I didn't get further with Sammy. The confetti in those leaves is amazing! I'm sure she'll look great when complete though. 



Beverley's Owl - Finish Pages 1 & 2 - INCOMPLETE

I was so close to another page finish here, so will aim to get one complete by the end of this year.  Page 3 doesn't have much confetti so that could stitch up quickly too. 



Love Spring - Complete all full stitches and hoping to make real progress or even finish the back stitch! - INCOMPLETE

I love this design, pardon the pun! Just 1 page to complete of full stitches, then all the back stitch to do. I hope to return to this one this year at some point. 



My final goal was my New Year's New Start which I started 1st January!

A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty

AFTER: picture pending


Now I know I said no more new starts, however I fell in love with this design and so has my husband. I've only completed 10 hours on this beautiful design called Paris, although having now been there I don't think it looks lije urban Paris at all, but does remind me of Toulouse and Lyon, so I'll just call it France. 

My next new start was a given once I discovered I was pregnant.  Of course I just had to make something for baby! 

As baby came early, I didn't have any time to catch up and finish this design whilst on maternity but to finish and frame it this year is my only formal goal for 2017! So I expect you all to remind me of that when I go off track!

Here's where I am so far:

I also had a little new start (and finish) which I completed in hospital of a mini kit of a robin Christmas card which I thought would be a nice keepsake for my little boy when he was born.

I'll add a photo of this and the other missing photos in a new post later in the month.  Hopefully I shall have completed more of the baby sampler by the end of the month by then too! 

Happy Stitchy New Year! xx

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another update!

So sorry for the delay from my last post, where did the Summer go? Although it still feels like summer here in the sunny north east. 

Since my last post I have been stitching, just not as much due to the heat and the fact my pregnancy has zapped a lot of energy after a day's work!

After Lakeside Village I picked out Sammy Squirrel out of the bag and here she is:

The confetti in that leaf is crazy, but I felt I made good progress on page 3. 

Next out was Beacon Ridge. Lots of blocks of colours which was nice after all the confetti!

Lots of sky, but hopefully get to top of lighthouse soon. 

Last time I told you that I was expecting a baby boy in December. Of course I must make him something! I've decided on this chart:

It's official name is Baby Hugs Savannah Birth Record, but I'll probably call it Safari Sampler! We're decorating his nursery this week so it will be nice to put this there when finished to tie in with the theme. 

Whilst I'm waiting, I'll be stitching Beverley's Owl for 10 hours. Hoping for cooler weather so I can stitch in the evenings more. 

Happy Stitching!  

Saturday, 23 July 2016

A page finish and some other news...

Hello all, 

I know it's been a long time between posts again. I've been on holiday which took a lot of planning and recovery from! We went to France, touring all over for the Euros so I've just not had much time to stitch. 

Also now I've got more time, this hot weather is really not conducive to stitching either. 

Oh well, the next one out was Lakeside Village which I really love. 

I've now got a little boat and more water. I love the colours in this one. 

Next out was Greek Steps which I actually did for more than 10 hours since was so close to a page finish!

And so here it is, only one other page to do, so I'm looking forward to finishing this in its entirety. 

I'm currently stitching Snowy Friends which I love and will share a picture soon. 

Another reason I haven't stitched much is that if not been feeling too well due to something worth celebrating. 

I'm expecting Stitchy Sam Junior in December!  

Yes I've been looking at the various samplers for him since we found out it's a boy the other day! I'll post pics of those when I've got a short list for your opinions soon! 

I'm now feeling so much better so hope the weather cools so can get some stitching in before baby arrives! 

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Better late than never...

Hello my loyal followers. I'm so sorry for the delay in posting an update. I've been so busy and not stitched quite as much as I usually do. 

Anyhow, last time I told you I was stitching Ladybu Love but there wasn't much progress. After 10 hours here's what she looks like:

It's a lot of confetti, but the face should stitch up quickly after I've finished all that hair!

Since it was a refreshed bag of tricks, next out was Playtime Kitten so soon after I last stitched her. 

I almost finished the leaves and started one of the geraniums. Looking forward to getting this one out again!

Last time I told you I was toying with starting a new one called Paris so once I finished kitting it up, I couldn't stop myself from starting it!

It's 2 over 1 tent stitch. Not much to see, but I love the rich colours. I think I'll enjoy it coming together. 

Next was Frogs Kissing which as you know I've been struggling with. The light colours teamed with the confetti doesn't make it an enjoyable stitch. Anyway I persevered with the ties on right frog. 

I hope you'll agree that it was worth it! I'll finish this column next time. 

I have A day in the Iife of Hello Kitty which has been a pleasure to have a break from confetti! I call it stitch by numbers! 

It's our holiday next month, I'll be taking a small design, probably Greek Steps but not sure how much time I'll have since we're seeing 6 of the Euros matches and staying in 8 different locations to explore!

I'll try and post something before we go. 

In the meantime, happy stitching!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Stitching marathon!

Hello all, hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend. I certainly am. I've been on a stitching marathon since I last posted and continuing to enjoy my rotation. 

Here's my first out the bag - Playtime Kitten:

I so love this design, she's so cute! I started the back stitch since that's what brings her to life. I really need a name, suggestions welcome!

Next was Beverley's Owl and I had a page finish!

I then moved to pg 2 to start the outline. It's a much smaller page so should stitch up nicely. 

Then the final name out of the bag was this little chap Frederick the Literate but I like to call him Fred!

I like I can see his head now and will probably do some back stitch next time to add some detail. I don't like leaving it til the end!

So the bag was empty, so needed swapping so had all designs to choose from this time. Hubby picked out Love Spring which is so apt I thought. 

As you can see, I finished pages 3 and 4! I love this design and should be finished this year. 

Hubby has picked Ladybug Love from the bag, but not much to show just yet so will wait til the 10 hours are over first. 

Now confession time, I know I said no new starts or purchases, but my current stash has been calling me!  This design is called Paris and I bought it just before Christmas. 

Since we're going to France in a couple of months, I think it would create a lovely memory.   Hubby who dislikes me having new starts actually likes it and has agreed it can be put in the bag to be started when it gets picked out.

Sk that takes my WIPs up to 14, but I'm not sad, far from it, this is something completely different to my usual designs, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in!

Happy Stitching!