Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 Review

Hello all,

Welcome to my new followers and thank you all for following my blog this year.

On a personal note before I go into my stitching review, the accident that my Sister, Nephew and Mum were in brought home to me how much I love them all and although my Mum is still recovering at home, we were very lucky it wasn't a lot worse.  So 2013 has been one of reflection and celebration, my Nephew was born on Boxing Day last year, christened in October and my Sister, his mother got married in June.  My other Sister has bought a house and has found love so everything just seems to be slotting into place.

So enough of all the emotional stuff, here is my stitching review.

In total, I've stitched (so far) this year 323 hours!

So I start with my New Starts.

First Up is Lakeside Village:

I love this design and it's sure to feature again next year!

Next is QS Heather (HAED SAL):

As it happens, I did actually finish this one too!  I love how she turned out.  This year HAED aren't doing a SAL which is fine by me as although I've loved doing them over the past 3 years, it will free me up to focus on my other designs in particular the other HAEDs that I have started which I will mention in my targets post.

My next new start was Greek Steps:

I started it when on holiday in Cyprus, I've not made much progress, but as it's such a small design I'm sure I'll get a lot more progress in 2014.

Another one that I started and finished in 2013 was Holly and Hearts which I've just posted about.

My final new start I can't actually show you a picture as it's a secret project as it's a present for someone.  I can't even give you a clue because I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

So that's 5 new starts in 2013, I certainly didn't predict that!  And only 2 finishes so my current WIP list is up to 9.  That's not including Think Pink which I want to re-start this year sometime.

So onto current WIPs with progress:

County Durham:

I've made a fair bit of progress this year, but hope to finish it next year as I'm about half way through at the moment.


I've been stitching this one since 2006 so one of my old timers! I hope to make a great deal of process and possibly finish it this in 2014.

And that concludes my review of 2013.  I hope to do even more stitching this year, although my card orders don't look like stopping any time soon!

My Preview and Goals of 2014 will follow shortly after this post.

Happy Stitching!

At last a finish!

I've not done much stitching since my last post due to making all of mine and a lot of other people's Christmas cards!

However since Christmas Day I've been stitching non stop and have finally finished Holly and Hearts for the Lizzie Kate Christmas SAL:

I'm going to draft my final blog of the year next which will be a review of all my starts, progress and finishes - so watch this space!

In the meantime... 

Happy Stitching!