Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Update!

Hello all,

Well I've done it again, a whole month between posts, but I have lots of pictures to show you!

Last time I told you about me picking up my UFO Millenium Sampler and that I was working on another square, here it is finished:

And here's what it looks like in total, as you can see i did the outline of the next box and started the wings of the Spitfire!

Although I've decided to walk away from my target of finishing Frogs Kissing this year, I still want to progress it.  It's been really difficult to stitch it with all the pale colours, but I do like how it's looking.  And look! They're kissing! So I'm over half way now and hope to go on to finish them next year. 

As I told you before, I have a British Bake Off WIP, Strawberry Ice Bookmark, it's such a joy to stitch and should be onto the backstitching for the final next Wednesday! How exciting. 


Oh and confession time! I really loved stitching my first Gecko Rouge SAL piece Sammy Squirrel, so what could I say to the second SAL? I chose from the designs Beverley's Owl and although the start date isn't until the 1st October, I just had to start it early! I started with the black on page one (of four) as I wanted to see the outline first! What do you think?

I've re-instated the 10 hour rotation as I find it so exciting not know what I'll be stitching and I'm so rubbish at making a decision on which to stitch next that I spend more time deciding than stitching!  I'm currently stitching the background on Beacon Ridge, so I'll have an update pic on that one soon.

Happy Stitching! xx