Sunday, 31 March 2013

I'm back! (very good reasons!)

Hi all, sorry I've not been on here at all for the past month, I was busy making Mother's day cards for colleagues but the funds will go towards my millennium frame that I'm going to get some time this year, I also got into a super good book which I read on a weekend away called Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I'm giving it away on World Book Night this year.

Anyhow back to stitching, I did get some of Heather done and hope to get loads more done tomorrow as it's a Bank Holiday!

And as it was being done on one of my Facebook groups, here's my messy back! 

I've also just noticed that I have 49 followers! If I get to 50, I will have a giveaway!  Not sure what it'll be, but I have loads of free stitchy gifts that I'll never get around to doing.  But of course it could be a copy of my World Book Night Book depending on preferences!

Happy stitchy Bank Holiday Weekend! xxx 


  1. Great progress on Heather. She looks gorgeous.

  2. Lovely stitching & also very neat too, judging by the back!! Happy Easter Monday, have fun stitching x

  3. Heather looks great and the back looks really neat. The backs of my projects look way worse :D