Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monthly update

Well it's March - how fast is this year going? My new start Frogs Kissing is going really slowly. I hate stitching light colours but hoping with lighter days and evenings it will get easier. So here's the first 2 columns finished. 

My fabric for Sweet Shoppe has come (second valentines present) but the size of it is so daunting I feel I need to make real progress on my other BAPs. 

So when I saw this gorgeous kitty in the World of CrossStitching magazine I couldn't resist!

I've decided to do her on dyed fabric which I've never used before instead of boring white! It will take a while to get here but will allow me to finishSamantha.

Shes had more progress on but no pictures for now so you'll just have to be patient! 

Happy Stitching!


  1. You've made a good start on Frogs as I've heard others say it's quite daunting. I love the little kitty design and love hand-dyed fabric so am looking forward to you putting the two together. :)