Friday, 10 July 2015

Frogs Kissing Pages Complete!

Hello all,

Well I did it - pages 1 and 4 (a tiny one) are complete! Do you want to see it?  Of course you do...

I was going to stick to it, but hubby insisted that I restart my rotation, with Frogs Kissing being my focus piece.  I'll do 10 hours of another design and then switch to Froggies for a while.  

The first one out of the bag is Playtime Kitty so look out for an update picture soon! 

Happy Stitching! xxx


  1. Nice! It's funny that he wants you to rotate. Mine could literally not care any less about my hobby. Although he did take me to lowes today to get some stuff for a new stand.

  2. Another one here with an uninterested husband. He doesn't even notice what I'm stitching! Your frogs look great. Over 8000 stitches!

  3. Fabulous! 2 pages done is such a great feeling and this is just soooo cute! (My hubby thinks I should focus less on cross-stitch and more on my crazy quilting. His reasoning is sweet. He prefers to see what I come up with on my own over following a chart created by someone else. Cross-stitch is so relaxing, though!)

  4. Great stitching =) I really love seeing your progress on this one =)