Thursday, 10 December 2015

New Year New Starts!!!

Morning all! 

I know my WIP count has risen substantially this year, so I've joined a group to pledge no new starts or purchases from Jan 15th for 6 months (although I'm doing it from the 10th since I'm going to Paris on 10/06/16!!!) 

However that's made me have itchy feet and wanted to start one (or two!) over the festive period but I just can't decide which one(s)!!!!

So my lovely followers, please can you vote on which of the following you'd most like me to start?

Top row:

Napping Kitten
Cats in Needlework
Bottom row:
Love Tree
A day in the life of Hello Kitty
Christmas Moonlight

Unicorn sillouette 

Loneliness of Autumn

Hard decision eh? 

I'll close the vote on Christmas Eve, 6pm GMT. 

Thank you and happy stitching!


  1. What a choice! I love Leonid Afremov's artwork so would definitely pick Loneliness of Autumn if it wasn't such a big project. Unicorn Silhouette is different but you'd have to choose a lovely fabric to stitch it on. So, all things considered, I'd go for Cat Napping as it's small and cute! Hope this helps! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel - I think I agree that it'd be silly to start another huge design, so thank you for your feedback x

  2. Ooo tough choices. I vote Unicorn Silhouette or Moonlight Christmas

  3. That is a tough decision! They are all lovely. I agree with Rachel that you should choose the smallest and hopefully that will satisfy your new start urge without committing you to something large.

  4. I pick the Christmas one but its up to you, they are all good.

  5. Tough choice. But I think I'd go for a smaller one since you have large ones already going. I like the love tree.