Saturday, 6 February 2016

February update!

Hello all,

I've continued to make good progress on a few designs despite work, my cards and my course that I'm doing. 

Last time I told you Owl came out and wasn't happy, however, once I started it again I got into it and really enjoyed it! 

As you can see page 1 is nearly finished and will be during the next 10 hours!

Next was the return of Day in the Life of Hello Kitty which is stitching up very quickly. I like the break of s detailed design then these blocks of colours. 

I then returned to Millenium Sampler and finished the next block with a Spitfire in it. 

I also started the next block's border:

I'm currently working on Ladybug Love which is confetti hell, but I'm hoping to make some noticeable progress next picture. 

Happy Stitching! Xxx 


  1. The owl has beautiful eyes. You've made loads of progress on your projects.

  2. Great work on all your projects, you surely managed to get a lot done =) I love the owl =)

  3. Fantastic progress on all your pieces. Glad to hear that you found enjoyment in stitching owl again, as it's just lovely.

  4. Great work on all your projects
    Big hugs x

  5. Everything looks wonderful! I love the owl and how he pops out of the fabric :)

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