Sunday, 22 May 2016

Better late than never...

Hello my loyal followers. I'm so sorry for the delay in posting an update. I've been so busy and not stitched quite as much as I usually do. 

Anyhow, last time I told you I was stitching Ladybu Love but there wasn't much progress. After 10 hours here's what she looks like:

It's a lot of confetti, but the face should stitch up quickly after I've finished all that hair!

Since it was a refreshed bag of tricks, next out was Playtime Kitten so soon after I last stitched her. 

I almost finished the leaves and started one of the geraniums. Looking forward to getting this one out again!

Last time I told you I was toying with starting a new one called Paris so once I finished kitting it up, I couldn't stop myself from starting it!

It's 2 over 1 tent stitch. Not much to see, but I love the rich colours. I think I'll enjoy it coming together. 

Next was Frogs Kissing which as you know I've been struggling with. The light colours teamed with the confetti doesn't make it an enjoyable stitch. Anyway I persevered with the ties on right frog. 

I hope you'll agree that it was worth it! I'll finish this column next time. 

I have A day in the Iife of Hello Kitty which has been a pleasure to have a break from confetti! I call it stitch by numbers! 

It's our holiday next month, I'll be taking a small design, probably Greek Steps but not sure how much time I'll have since we're seeing 6 of the Euros matches and staying in 8 different locations to explore!

I'll try and post something before we go. 

In the meantime, happy stitching!


  1. Great progress Sam, have an amazing time at the euros

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  3. Lovely update - looks like you have been busy! Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Lovely stitching =) I love the kitty, she looks so cute and I love your progress on frogs kissing. Good work on your new start, I hope to see more of it soon =)

  5. Beautiful progress on everything :). I love all of the pinks :)

  6. Your projects are all lovely and your stitching is gorgeous. Beautiful work!