Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another update!

So sorry for the delay from my last post, where did the Summer go? Although it still feels like summer here in the sunny north east. 

Since my last post I have been stitching, just not as much due to the heat and the fact my pregnancy has zapped a lot of energy after a day's work!

After Lakeside Village I picked out Sammy Squirrel out of the bag and here she is:

The confetti in that leaf is crazy, but I felt I made good progress on page 3. 

Next out was Beacon Ridge. Lots of blocks of colours which was nice after all the confetti!

Lots of sky, but hopefully get to top of lighthouse soon. 

Last time I told you that I was expecting a baby boy in December. Of course I must make him something! I've decided on this chart:

It's official name is Baby Hugs Savannah Birth Record, but I'll probably call it Safari Sampler! We're decorating his nursery this week so it will be nice to put this there when finished to tie in with the theme. 

Whilst I'm waiting, I'll be stitching Beverley's Owl for 10 hours. Hoping for cooler weather so I can stitch in the evenings more. 

Happy Stitching!  


  1. Great progress. What a beautiful choice for your new baby, look forward to seeing your progress on it.

  2. Beautiful stitching! Sammy Squirrel has such lovely big eyes.
    Great choice for your baby sampler too.

  3. Great work =) I love your Squirrel and the colors on Beacon Ridge are so lovely =) The sampler you picked is really cute, I'm looking forward to see it stitched.

  4. Beautiful work on everything! I love that sampler it's so cute :)