Sunday, 7 August 2011

Q:How excited can you be about an elbow???

Answer: Very!

Did loads of stitching yesterday and really enjoyed the fact that the dragon is making his full appearance since the begining of the year!  The hand that I've just done today was full of confetti, but enjoyed it just the same.
I also thought I'd sharte with you some of the other things I've been getting up to:

This was a leaving card for one of my team - she's gone doon suth! Not the most complicated card I've done, but I just loved the card and rub on combo with a butterfly I had in my stash!

Well gotta go - Durham CCC on TV - hope they win!


  1. Your HAED is looking great! I really wouldn't have the patience!!! And the card is lovely. Well done :) Laura x

  2. Yay an elbow!! It's amazing how the appearance of little things in a Haed can be wonderful :-) Love the card too.