Thursday, 5 July 2012


Well I've been stitching Snowy Friends as you know and using sulky thread to grid, however because I'm using 2 threads over 1, it's proven near on impossible to get the sulky thread out and has snapped!  I can't see it from the front, but it's just annoying!  I think I'll have to find another way to grid the fabric, or make do maybe with shorter lengths.

I'm almost finished page 1 so will hopefully be posting a picture in the next few days.

I've also been doing some work on 'A Good Marriage' as on some of the warm days my fingers were hurting a bit.  But I have to say I love my Q-snap frame! It's wonderful for getting the tension right and am really looking forward to using it on my HAEDs.  You do have to have a good border on it though, but I think I can afford that!

I've been doing my new job for almost 2 weeks now and although there's a lot to learn, I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in.  It's a promotion from my last role and I'm determined not to let my MS get in the way of it so balancing the stress with stitching! It's a win win (plus I'll have extra cash for my stash!)

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I can understand, even if you can't see it you know it's there! I have the problem with my huge Indian Chief picture in that I noticed I'd made a mistake in the border about five years ago. He's been on my wall for ten years! Well no one else has noticed it but now I know it's there........

    Hope the new job goes great for you and you can buy a lot more stash to keep the stress down :-)

    love Lori xx