Saturday, 14 July 2012

Snowy Friends Page 1

Photo: Finally after 2 years I've finished Page 1 of Snowy Friends! Happy Dance! Xx
So here is Page 1 of Snowy Friends at last! I managed to get most of the Sulky threads out and whilst I'm still going to use them I'm going to go 2 columns at a time to have better chance of getting them out.
I've been working on A Good Marriage as I need to make some progress before I buy ABC of Parenting as my sister is due in December and want to have it ready for their Baby Shower! So busy times, but all fun!
Considering buying 25 count magic guide for Think Pink as I've only done a tiny bit albeit gridded the full row!  I don't trust the tread anymore so I think that's what my first paypacket is going on!
Happy Stitching x


  1. well done Sam, I got the magic guide for my QS as I just couldn't be bothered to grid, works great. Snowy friends looks fab, a HAED page is such a milestone. x

  2. What a wonderful page finish, those colors are amazing =)
    I thought about buying magic guide, too, but I don't like stitching on white fabric so much (I usually use ivory) and somehow I like gridding (even if it costs some time ;-)

  3. Looks great :-) I admit I have never bothered with gridding of any type, I just stitch as I go and haven't gone too drastically wrong yet!

    Lori xx

  4. Thanks all! I'm nearly half way through A Good Marriage now, so then back to my HAEDs - or will it? What will my randomiser choose???? xx