Monday, 6 August 2012

A finish!

Here's A Good Marriage - it only took me just over a month so pretty pleased with that!  Sorry for the dodgy photo - the linen obviously needs a good iron.  The wedding's not until next June but wanted it out of the way and want to do the Baby sampler for them for December The ABC of Parenting but as I've just booked my holiday, I'm stuck for money until after the next couple of paydays, sat laast I know how long it will take roughly.

I'm now going to return to Bookend Kitties to try and catch up with the HAED SAL.  I think I might just do it as both pages are partial ones and I've got my Q-snap frame now which keeps it nice and tight.

BUT I've ordered some 25count magic guide to re-do Think Pink so the temptation may proove too great, although it's out of stock until the end of the month, so you never know, I may just do it!

Happy Stitching everyone! xx


  1. It's really pretty Sam, you did a great job!

  2. That's lovely, well done on finishing this so early too :-)

    Lori xx