Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bookend Kitties progress!

Well after a long break from this one, I picked it up again, and I'm actually really enjoying it.  I think all teh confetti in page 1, but with no real detail just got me down.  However I'm loving seeing his face develop.  I've actually almost finished another column on this and hope to get close to finishing page 2 by the end of the bank holiday!

Meanwhile, I'm struggling against a strong desire to make a new start particularly as I got 5 RAKs in the past month! But I'm going to be good, finish Kitties and then Samantha.

I've also decided not to stitch the parenting sampler for my sister as by the time I've bought the chart, threads, fabric and got it framed it willbe over £50 and I'd rather spend it on some clothes and toys for the Christmas baby!  I may stitch it for the christening or her 2nd baby!

For now, my stitchy time is all mine. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That kitten looks sooo cute =D

  2. Your kitty looks wonderful =)
    I loved stitching the face, too, it's just to cute =)

  3. Looking amazing Sam, well done.