Sunday, 2 September 2012

A new start & a new rotation!

Well, my perserverance of not making any new starts until Christmas disappeared last weekend and I decided to kit up and start Ladybug Love by Hannah Lynn.  This is what I did in an afternoon!  I'm loving the coulours and although I don't usually stitch HAEDs cross country these charts lend themselves well to it.
My new rotation however means that another 4 hours today and then move back to Bookend Kitties for 10 hours.  A more up to date picture for you:

I saw a rotation idea on another blog (don't you just love bloggers!) and thought it was worth a try, the idea is that you continually do a little bit (10 hours) on each design, encouraging finishes and getting rid of those UFOs.  So this is how it works: you pick 5 designs from your current WIPs/UFOs trying to get a mix of styles and colours, these are the designs I've chosen:

  1. Ladybug Love
  2. County Durham sampler (one of my UFOs that I revived last weekend)
  3. Bookend Kitties
  4. Samantha (Lanarte)
  5. Think Pink
You then stitch for 10 hours on each in that order to keep you interested.  Because I have decided to make Bookened Kitties my focus piece since it's got a deadline, I will be alternating this one in between the others.  This also means I'll be blogging more so it's win win all the way!  Let me know if you've tried this type of rotation and how it has gone!


  1. Great new start. Look forward to seeing your progress on your rotation.

  2. good luck with the rotation, I cant believe how much you have done on ladybugs in 6 hours wow! I'm hopeless at rotations I really am a 1 WIP at a time (Thats not to say I don't have UFO's though :-/).

  3. Your new start is so lovely, I love those red colors =)
    Your new rotation sounds good, I hope you'll enjoy it =)

  4. The new start looks really good, and I maybe have to steal your rotation idea :p looking forward to seeing more progress on ladybug love!