Saturday, 15 September 2012

County Durham and 10 hour rotation!

Here's my 10 hours on County Durham:

It's actually taking a bit longer that I thought due to all the back stitch, think that's the main reason I love HAED - NO backstitch! Yay!

So I'm back to Bookend Kitties SAL as I'm so close to the end of page 2, I'm going to keep going until it's finished, about 15-20 hours I think.

Oh and then the rotation gets a bit scrabbly (yes that's a word!) as I have the travelling pattern!  I've got some variegated threads by both Anchor and DMC so am going to see which combination works well.  As I don't have any special aida, it's going to be white or cream, but I may do it on 18 count as I have some really  small off cuts too tiny for a HEAD, but we'll see.

After that it will be Samantha or Bookend Kitties whichever is shouting the loudest!

Happy Stitching!


  1. it is looking so pretty..
    well done x

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog through Mii Stitch.
    Your Co Durham project is great and I love your kitten wip too.

    1. Yay! My 30th follower! Welcome!

      I hope you enjoy my stitching adventures!

  3. Co Durham is looking great Sam, and you're flying with BK too. looking forward to seeing what you do with the travelling pattern. x