Saturday, 16 April 2011


Well just come back from the garden centre!  I've spent a small fortune on some wooden pots for my back yard, some compost and some plants: A standard fushia, 2 x Dahlias and a lilly.

Do I'm going to get changed and spend the rest of the morning planting them up! 

I'm not going to plant my bedding plants out for another few weeks as don't want to get them frosted, but it's a shame as it's been so warm for April recently.

And then stitching this afternoon, hope to get close to, or finish page 2.

I've decided to stitch a special angel card for my colleague and friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week.  i know it's not much but I hope it will help her through this tough time. x

So going to dig through my WOXS mags as the design is somewhere in one of the past issues.

Happy stitching!

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