Monday, 25 April 2011

Halloween Teddy finished!

Well I've finally finished Halloween Ted!
This leaves me with only 6 designs in progress!  It's been a long time since I could say that!

So I'm now working on Samantha:
I've actually done a little more on her since this photo was taken and am now working on the background to the right of her head.

This should keep me occupied until the next page of Curl Up arrives next week, or else it better as last night I was drawn into making a list of threads that I need for the next 4 projects!  OK one of them is for the little card of the angel for my friend, I have the fabric for this one and the TT (Tiny Treasure) Kitty. So will just need about 80 odd threads, some Krenic and 2 pieces of fabric.  I also found the perfect design in my stash to try out hand dyed fabric, so I will try that too!


  1. The ted is fab! Well done. Samantha looks very intricate, my goodness! Good luck with her.
    Laura x

  2. Well done on getting the dreaded ted finished, YAY! Love Samantha, what a gorgeous design!

    Lots of plans then :-)