Monday, 13 June 2011

Baby Friends update!

So after agonising whether to plough on with Think pink's gridding or get this sampler out of the way before a new start I decided that actually it wouldn't take that long do get it done in a reasonable period of time.

So here they are:

I'm doing the backstitch as I go along since it really brings the designs to life, I'm to put the finishing touches to the dog on the left then start on the shelf they're sitting on - then onto Giraffe!  It's wierd how you create a relationship with the characters you stitch... maybe that's just me!

Well my poor little Peggy (my cat) has had a poorly tummy and she's on antibiotics at the moment to clear it.  I do hope the vet says she's fine tomorrow when I take her back for a check up.

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Such a cute design! I have a baby sampler I need to get working on too, but I keep putting it off. Maybe I'll head to the craft store in the next few days to get the rest of what I need!

  2. Looks great, you'll get finished quickly :-) How's Peggy doing then? Hope she's on the mend!