Sunday, 19 June 2011

RIP Stitchy Stash

Hi all,

It's avery sad day in the world of stitching Sam, so please bow your heads for the thought of lost charts, papers, designs and all my lovely WIP pictures.

Yes a virus came to visit, McAfee got rid of it, but not before it blocked access to my desktop where all my lovely crafty stiuff was kept.

I've been thinking for ages about backing them up or getting an external hard drive, but out of sheer laziness never bothered as I've not had a problem with my PC since I got McAfee years ago.  Oh well it's taught me a very tough lesson.

I've just added up and it's really only 8 charts that I've paid for and not printed off (about £30) so it's not that bad, I'm more gutted with the loss of the photos.

Good news though my holiday and wedding snaps were backed up on my blackberry programme, and they can't be replaced so that's good. 

AND hubby has said I can buy more charts....

I don't think he meant right now, but he still said it right???

Well now go - everyone - save your charts, picture, designs and other bits and pieces onto disk, or 'the cloud' or something - just do it!


  1. OH NO!!!! What a disaster for you, so good that you have the wedding and holiday pictures still as they really would be irreplaceable. Shame about all the photos though. I think it counts that hubby said to buy more, I mean if he's not specific about when how were you meant to know :-)

    I put all mine on discs and just updated that a couple of weeks ago after being lazy for months and not bothering. It's all to easy to just think it'll be fine and then something like this happens and proves it's not! I have about 75 Haed's so it would be impossible to be able to afford all them again!

  2. My computer has crashed more times than I like to think about, causing me to lose many photos and saved things over the years, so I know how you feel. A backup harddrive is so nice to have! We keep all the pics of our kids and the more important things that are harder to replace on there. Of course, they are not perfect either... our current one with all the saved info on it now refuses to connect to our computer.

    I'm so sorry you lost so many things, but luckily some of the more important pictures can be recovered.