Saturday, 25 January 2014

County Durham Sampler UPDATE!!

Hello all,

As promised, here is my update of County Durham.

I'm really close to finishing this one now, but am rotating it with my Secret Project.  I'm hoping to get it finished before the Olympics start because I'm getting my Olympic new start (Ladybug Love) out which I haven't touched since 2012! 

Following on from my blog party, I'm going to have a giveaway next month if I reach 100 followers!

Happy Stitching! x


  1. nice update!
    Greetings from a rainy and cold Holland

  2. That is looking terrific & you will get it done in no time now I bet! Well done!

  3. Wow that's come on so much. You'll have it done in not time. Keep going Sam. So are you planning to be stitching and watching the Olympics then?

  4. Great progress! Looks like you're almost done :D